Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation

Embryo donation the best treatment option for the couples where the female partner is having problem of eggs, either they are absent or not of good quality to produce good embryo and pregnancy and the male partner is also having a severe problem or uncorrectable problem with this his sperm. In such cases neither the man nor the woman can produce the child from their own eggs or sperm. This couple can accept embryo donation.

The eggs are retrieved from voluntary egg donor and sperm are collected from the sperm bank

The donated eggs are fertilized with donated sperm and the resulting embryos are used for embryo donation. The couple can accept those embryos and can have pregnancy with the help of these embryos.

The genetic material comes from out side source but the lady becomes biological mother of the child. She herself bears the pregnancy and delivers the child hence socially it is more acceptable. The lady also gets the satisfaction of bearing the pregnancy and nourishing it with her own blood.

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