Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Technique of injection of one sperm in to the cytoplasm of one oocyte for fertilization of one oocyte is called intra cytoplasmic sperm injection-ICSI.

Unique advantages

  • Only one sperm is required to fertilize one egg not millions!
  • Fertilization is practically done.
  • Useful when sperm count is less
  • Very poor motility.

During ICSI - IVF method is done in usual manner

Oocyte retrieval (egg recovery)is done in usual manner. The oocytes are perpared for fertilization, one single sperm is selected which appers best form the available lot of sperm. Sperm selection is done with great skill depending on the shape, size, motility etc. the selected sperm is made non motile. The sperm is then picked up in a fine tube (pipette) and taken to oocyte (egg) to be fertilized.

The sperm is then injected in the cytoplasm of the egg with micromanipulation technique with precision in microns. Once the injection is complete, rest of the IVF procedures and patients treatment is the same.

ICSI is a very fine technique, which requires very sophisticated equipment, highest quality disposable tools, ICSI requires knowledge, skills patience, precision, expertise and experience of the embryology team.

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