Intra Uterine Insemination

The process of putting the best lot of specially prepared sperm directly inside the uterus at the expected time of ovulation egg release is called “Intra Uterine Insemination”.

In IUI sperm bypasses the cervical barrier and is put directly inside the uterus. By IUI sperm is put closer to the fallopian tube, at the time of expected egg release to increase the chance of fertilization resulting in to high the ovulation induction is done with the help of tablets or injections to increase the availability of number of eggs at a proper time. This increases chance of number of embryos formed resulting in to higher chance of conceiving.

The process of follicle development is monitored with trans vaginal Sonography- TVS and color Doppler. When follicles are ready, HCG injection is given for final maturation.

Prepared sperm sample (washed semen) is injected in to the uterus with the help of a thin soft tube (canula). This process of Injecting sperm in the uterus is called Intra Uterine Inseminations iui is a very simple easy and painless procedure

It takes few secounds to inject.

Frozen Semen can be used for Insemination

  • If husband can not remain present on the day of Insemination.
  • Husband can not perform and collect semen on demand.
  • If husband is under going medical or surgical treatment Which can adversely affect the sperm production.
  • Cryoaccumalation- freezing multiple semen samples and then using them together for insemination at a time.
  • For using frozen semen, husband can freeze his semen at any convenient time. Once frozen, semen can be preserved and used after any duration of time, days- months or years.

Semen contains a large amount of other unwanted material over and above sperm. Only sperm can be injected in to the uterus. We have to prepare the sperm in our laboratory in such a way that we remove every unwanted substances and separate the best motile and morphologically-normal sperm out of the semen sample.

Sperm preparation techniques

  • Swim up technique.
  • Density gradient sperm preparation technique.
  • Others techniques.

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